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Construction & Engineering Surveys

Build with confidence with our comprehensive survey solutions
for construction and engineering projects

Alexander Symonds offers a range of specialist, integrated surveying and consulting services for construction and engineering projects across the public and private sectors. With 85 years of industry experience, you can trust our in-depth understanding of the unique challenges facing your construction or engineering project. Our qualified surveyors are involved in the construction and engineering process from start to finish, and by using cutting-edge technology, providing expert advice and tailored solutions, we deliver value, timeliness and efficiency for all projects of any scale.

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We’ve broken down your construction and engineering project’s journey through three pivotal phases. Explore each phase below for detailed insights and specialised services tailored to your project’s unique requirements.

Concept – Start with the right information

Topographic, Contour and Feature Surveys

Topographic surveys are required when planning or designing a development. Our service involves accurately modelling, documenting and producing a 3D CAD model of your land to provide an accurate base model for design work. We also provide accurate property boundary overlays on our surveys and can pinpoint locations of any underground service infrastructure, located by an accredited provider.

Infrastructure Corridor Surveys

Infrastructure corridor surveys are often required along open greenfield land before infrastructure can be designed. Our team of qualified construction surveyors provide full topographic information, including property boundary details and underground service infrastructure. We can also set out the location of infrastructure, assist with construction surveys of the asset as well as final as-constructed surveys and surveys along existing infrastructure corridors for road upgrade purposes.

Monitoring and Deformation Surveys

We specialise in monitoring and high-precision surveys for a variety of construction and engineering applications. We carry out monitoring surveys for a wide range of purposes, including monitoring buildings adjacent to excavations, road slippages, dam structures, bridges, tanks, processing plants and monitoring of infrastructure where movement may be suspected. These requirements may include monitoring of individual points, or surface deformation, using highly accurate equipment including 3D laser scanning.

Precision Engineering Surveys

Our team of qualified engineering surveyors are specialists in due diligence and high-precision surveys for a range of requirements, including dimensional control surveys, measurement certification, precision monitoring surveys, industrial alignment surveys and surveys for fabrication. Our experienced staff pride themselves on providing highly precise results using cutting-edge technology and specialised software.

Service Mapping

Understand the complexities of your site before construction starts with under and above-ground service mapping. Our accredited providers pinpoint utility lines and obstacles, ensuring comprehensive insights for informed decision-making and streamlined development. With our expertise, trust us to navigate the complexities of service mapping for seamless project planning and design processes.

3D Laser Scanning

We have over 15 years extensive experience in using laser scanning for all applications to allow for cataloguing existing conditions of buildings for renovations and extensions, plant processing sites, as well as capturing difficult to reach locations, concept planning and heritage preservation.

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3D CAD model of a construction project’s site for a topographic survey


Engineering surveyor on-site a wind farm project using surveying equipment


two construction surveyors examining a site plan at an active building construction


Construction and engineering surveying equipment at a construction site

Building and Structural Surveys

Building and structural surveys assist with the construction of buildings and infrastructure as well as verify and document what has been built. Our experienced team can perform any construction survey, including grid set-out, hold-down bolt, footing set-out, verticality checks and multi-storey surveys for any construction or engineering project with accuracy and efficiency.

Civil Construction Surveys

Civil construction surveys are conducted to allow for design, accurate construction and documentation of a development project. We carry out surveys for design, infrastructure set-out surveys, and as-constructed surveys to document the built asset location, as well as help you meet any contractual obligations. Our team can undertake civil surveys of any size, and can also provide a fast turnaround for those sites where timeframes are critical.

Volume Surveys

Our team of qualified surveyors undertake surveys to determine stockpile or material volumes on a regular basis. As determining volume requires different techniques depending on the surface, we make sure to match the most appropriate, safest, accurate technique to each client’s unique requirements. We can also determine stockpile volumes on a regular basis for monthly and annual accounting purposes.

Machine Control and Spatial Data Management

For civil construction and engineering projects, spatial data models in machine control is used when accuracy is required for machinery operators to achieve their targets. Alexander Symonds are specialists in 3D data modelling for use in Machine Control Guidance Systems using GPS and land-based solutions. We understand when and where spatial data and machine control issues can arise, and actively work to reduce the risk of these issues occurring to maximise machine uptime.

Our team of experienced construction and engineering surveyors ensure your machines are correctly set up and using spatially accurate design information to save you time and hassle on your project. Our machine control services include ongoing site checks of machines and site works, as well as procedures for machine operators to self-check equipment at start up.

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As Constructed Surveys

As-Constructed (or as-built) surveys are often required on construction and engineering projects to meet contractual obligations and to document the built asset location. This may range from hardcopy plans, CAD plans, digital databases through to BIM models and digital twins.

Our team of qualified surveyors are specialists in due diligence and high-precision surveys for a range of requirements, including road construction verification, sewer mains, service infrastructure, processing plants, general infrastructure location and building construction.

Aerial Mapping

We have invested heavily in our people and cutting-edge technology to enable us to undertake a range of spatially accurate high-resolution aerial mapping, survey and inspections services to capture your project safely and efficiently. As surveyors, we can validate the accuracy of our aerial surveys, and integrate with your existing project.

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Geographical Information System (GIS)

GIS is a system that captures, stores, manages and presents geographical data offering the capability to handle rich data types from many different formats. The use of GIS technology in a cloud based online platform provides a solution on construction and engineering projects for the effective management of spatial information for interdisciplinary access to all project data allowing for cooperative planning, design and construction with the confidence that everyone is accessing the same data with a clear and accurate picture of the project.

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lose up of an engineering surveyor carrying equipment

Aerial map of a site for a construction survey projects

GIS web map of a construction site showing fire plans


Olympic Dam Smelter Shutdown and Furnace Rebuild

Alexander Symonds
Olympic Dam Rebuild

Olympic Dam Smelter Shutdown and Furnace Rebuild

Rebuilding the furnace at the Olympic Dam site required the largest planned maintenance shutdown of the mine in its history. The $350 million project included upgrades to the smelter, refinery, concentrator and other key infrastructure. Key project goals were zero injuries and no delays to the project timeline.

  • Largest maintenance shutdown in Olympic Dam’s history.
  • $350 million project to upgrade the smelter, furnace and key infrastructure.
  • Expert surveyors required 24/7 over a 7-month period.

Mawson Lakes Development

Alexander Symonds
mawson lakes development

Mawson Lakes Development

Mawson Lakes was a large-scale, mixed-use development taking place over a period of 15 years. The development included a range of land uses, including retail, commercial, residential, retirement housing, wetlands, open spaces and transport corridors. There were also features and areas on the site that had cultural and heritage significance which needed to be integrated into the design and layout.

  • Diverse range of land uses.
  • 15 year, large-scale development.
  • Cultural heritage site and significant trees.

Northern Connector Project

Alexander Symonds
Northern Connector render

Northern Connector Project

Alexander Symonds was engaged to provide continuous, high-quality surveying services for volume and material tracking for the project duration, with the ability to increase and decrease surveying services in accordance with the project requirements.

  • $885 million project to provide vital 15.5 kilometre motorway freight and commuter link
  • Changing workload required scalability and flexibility to minimise ongoing costs
  • Limited site access in plant operational areas outside designated meal breaks


land tenure consulting

Our expertise in construction and engineering surveys allows us to provide a comprehensive survey package for any project, big or small. We can also provide expert advice on all matters relating to boundaries and land tenure, including the land division planning process and structural encroachments.

With Alexander Symonds, you’ll benefit from the assistance of one survey team for the entirety of your project, instead of relying on multiple contractors for various elements. Our licensed surveyors will help you to understand the constraints that apply to your land, and which type of land tenure is best suited for your development.

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Our team of experienced surveyors have worked on a wide range of construction and engineering projects for private, government and joint ventures across Australia.

You can rely on our proven track record and internationally-certified, innovative solutions to get you the best results.

No client or project is ever the same, so we make sure each solution is tailored to your unique needs. Our qualified surveyors have the skills and experience to accommodate the special requirements of your construction or engineering project, no matter the size or complexity.

  • Award-winning surveying services
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  • A team with unrivalled experience
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