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Lease Plans & Measured Building Surveys

Expert advice and accurate solutions for
lease plans and measured building surveys

Incomplete or inaccurate data for any building or property area can cause big issues for lease agreements or future renovation or refit plans. Alexander Symonds offers expert advice and accurate solutions for lease plan and measured building surveys, across commercial, industrial and residential properties.

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What is a Lease Survey?

A lease survey is undertaken to determine the lettable area of a premise and/or to register a lease on a certificate of title. Lease surveys assist landlords, property managers and tenants in understanding the lease arrangements on commercial, industrial and retail properties.

A qualified and experienced surveyor can advise you on any requirements, and provide you with a clear understanding of the entire process from start to finish.

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PCA Method of Measurement Guidelines

Lettable Area Survey

The Property Council of Australia (PCA) “Method of Measurement for Lettable Areas” is the industry standard for calculation of lettable area in Australia, ensuring a consistent approach to lease surveys.

Depending on the type of area that is being leased, there are three different standards as set out in the PCA guidelines:

  • Gross Lettable Area (GLA) for industrial buildings such as warehouses, showrooms, workshops and free-standing showrooms or supermarkets;
  • Net Lettable Area (NLA) for office buildings and tenancies; and
  • Gross Lettable Area Retail (GLAR) for retail tenancies in shopping centres, commercial buildings, free-standing and shopping strip shops.

It is important that the landlord and tenant agree on the method to be used to calculate the lettable area before undertaking the survey.

While the PCA guidelines help to define how to calculate the lettable area for different property types, each property is unique and may require a tailored approach. An experienced Licensed Surveyor can provide advice on the best way to apply the PCA guidelines to your property, and guide you through the entire process.


Filed Plans

A Filed Plan is a lease plan that has been lodged with the Land Titles Office (LTO) and is required in order to register a lease on the Certificate of Title.

A Filed Plan is the delineation of the extent of a lettable space, outlining which area(s) a tenant has access to within their lease. It does not measure the space in metres squared, but simply shows the lettable space using the features that define the space, such as physical features and the property boundaries.

A lease plan is lodged with the LTO as a Filed Plan, and once it has been approved a conveyancer or solicitor will lodge documents referring to the Filed Plan. Once these documents are lodged and processed, the lease will then appear on the Certificate of Title for the property.

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accurate Lease Plan Survey process


Step 1

Speak with a qualified Surveyor

After understanding your needs and your situation, we’ll advise you on your lease plan requirements, and how best to apply the PCA guidelines.

Step 2

Agree on a method of measurement

The landlord and tenant(s) of the property need to agree on the method of measurement, and what should or should not be included in the calculations.

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Step 3

Undertake the field survey

We undertake surveys using the latest accurate survey equipment, adopting the PCA guidelines for consistent, unbiased results.

Step 4

Calculations and plan preparation

For filed lease plans, we’ll make sure all Land Titles Office standards are addressed so your documents are ready to be lodged. For net lettable area plans, we’ll accurately calculate the lettable area and prepare a survey plan that fulfils the PCA guidelines.

Step 5

Delivery of lease plans

We’ll provide you with an accurate, precise survey plan that fulfils the LTO and/or PCA guidelines.

For filed plans only…

Step 6

Lodge the lease plan with the Lands Titles Office (LTO)

If you are satisfied that the lease plan reflects your needs, we’ll finalise and lodge the lease plan with the LTO as a Filed Plan.

Step 7

Lease added to Certificate of Title

Once the plan is approved by the LTO, the plan is provided to your solicitor or conveyancer for preparation of the lease agreement.

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Measured Building Surveys

A Measured Building Survey is any survey that involves the measurement of an existing building, and may be required when renovating, refitting or commercially leasing a property, or to measure the dimensions of a tenancy for a floorplan, marketing or fit-out design.

We have a solution for all building measurement needs, from basic 2D floor plans through to highly detailed 3D Revit models. All are spatially accurate and measured by qualified and experienced Licensed Surveyor. No two projects or buildings are ever the same, and your objectives will help to identify the type of survey that will best suit your needs.

Our services:

  • Lease plans
  • Internal measured floor plans
  • Reflected ceiling plans
  • Detailed building elevations (2D or 3D)
  • Cross sections and sectional elevations
  • 3D CAD and REVIT / BIM Modelling

Measured building survey

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3D Laser Scanning

We use the latest in surveying technology, including 3D Laser Scanning, to quickly and accurately measure buildings.

3D Laser Scanning captures a site’s detail in its current form and existing condition, so the data can be converted into CAD models for incredibly precise designing and planning.

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Why choose Alexander Symonds?

Our professional, experienced team provide expert, honest advice on measured lease plan requirements.

We use the latest in 3D Laser Scanning and surveying technology to quickly and accurately measure full lease areas.

From single tenancies to full shopping centres, warehouses, showrooms, workshops and office buildings, our team offer an unbiased, consistent approach, prepared to strict PCA guidelines and LTO standards

  • Award-winning surveying services
  • Accuracy and precision for your project
  • A team with unrivalled experience
  • Innovative, tailored solutions

Understand your lease area with accurate, precise survey results.

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