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Engineering & Architecture

Alexander Symonds offers a range of specialist surveying services for architecture, construction and engineering projects across the public and private sectors.

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Innovative solutions and cutting-edge technology for engineering and architecture projects

With over 85 years of experience, we understand the challenges that come with both small and large-scale engineering and architecture projects. Our qualified surveyors are involved in engineering and architecture projects from start to finish, providing expert advice and tailored solutions for both residential and commercial projects Australia-wide with timeliness and efficiency.

SURVEYS FOR Concept, Design and Documentation

We are experts in topographic, boundary, contour and feature surveys, mapping the intricacies of your land to help you design the right building for the site. Existing site structures, surroundings, transport corridors and services are accurately mapped and recorded, helping you to meet your contractual obligations and document the build location. Our team of qualified surveyors are specialists in due diligence and high-precision surveys for a range of applications at each stage of your project.

Civil and Structural Construction SURVEYS

When you engage Alexander Symonds for your engineering or architecture project, a qualified surveyor will work with you through the entire process. We provide surveys especially for civil construction and building projects from initial set-out to as-constructed (or as-built) and volume surveys to document the built asset location and help you meet your contractual and due-diligence obligations. Our survey applications can range from domestic buildings, constructing a road through to large windfarm project.

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Machine control

Machine control is used to accurately position earthmoving machinery based on 3D design models and GPS system data to provide machinery operators with full control and precision. By making the most of GPS or ground based systems, this allows operators to have the ability to work to a design model without the need to install survey marks, resulting in reduced labour time or costs and a safer worksite.

We understand when and where machine control issues can arise, and work to reduce the risk of these issues occurring to minimise downtime. As spatial data experts, our team of experienced Surveyors are specialists in the creation and management of ​surface data models for machine control. We can manage the site calibration of machines, development of spatially correct 3D models​, as well as manage the spatial data sets throughout the lifecycle of your project to ensure you get the most out of your equipment.

Volume, Monitoring & Deformation Surveys

Volume, monitoring and deformation surveys are performed for a variety of construction and engineering applications. Volume surveys are used to control and certify the volume of materials that are being moved in or out of sites for accounting purposes. Monitoring and deformation surveys can be undertaken for a wide range of purposes, including monitoring buildings adjacent to excavations, road slippages, dam structures, bridges, tanks, processing plants and monitoring of infrastructure where movement may be suspected.

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Mechanical and High Precision Specialist Applications

We provide specialist mechanical and high-precision surveys throughout Australia, using a range of technologically advanced equipment and cutting-edge software. Our people are equipped with the skills necessary to prepare and undertake precision monitoring surveys, industrial alignment surveys, measurement certification and surveys for fabrication, providing the accuracy and capability needed for specialist applications.

3D Laser Scanning

We have over 15 years extensive experience in using laser scanning for all applications to allow for cataloguing existing conditions of buildings for renovations and extensions, plant processing sites, as well as capturing difficult to reach locations, concept planning and heritage preservation.

3D Modelling & visualisation

We also can arrange to deliver our high-quality, accurate 3D modelling service. Our solutions are tailored to your project needs and can include 3D CAD and Revit modelling, BIM building modelling, high-accuracy surface modelling and as-constructed 3D deformation modelling records.

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Why Choose Alexander Symonds?

Our team of experienced surveyors have worked on engineering and architecture projects for private, government and joint ventures across Australia.

You can rely on our proven track record and internationally-certified solutions to get you the best results.

No client or project is ever the same, so we make sure each solution is tailored to your project needs. Our team of licensed surveyors have the detailed knowledge and expertise to understand the unique challenges of your engineering or architecture project, no matter the size or complexity.

  • Award-winning surveying services
  • Accuracy and precision for your project
  • Unrivalled industry experience
  • Fast turnaround and innovative solutions

Keep your project on track with our innovative and accurate surveying and consulting services

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