Our Organisation

Alexander Symonds has a commitment to be the employer of choice in the surveying and spatial information industry.

To make sure we are providing unparalleled service to our clients, we employ highly skilled people who are experts in their fields.

We are not a multi-disciplinary organisation. Instead, we concentrate on being the best at what we do.

Our Culture

We pride ourselves on having a workplace culture that is passionate about our industry and looks after our people.

If you join the professional team at Alexander Symonds, you will:

  • Be a valued employee
  • Enjoy an active workplace
  • Like being technically challenged
  • Enjoy a professional environment
  • Participate in professional and industry organisations
  • Be part of a focused team
  • Work for clients who enjoy working with us
  • Participate in regular training
  • Enjoy a technical environment which is regularly changing

Our Opportunities

We employ a large percentage of professional and tertiary educated staff to meet our demands.

As a proud supporter of graduate surveyors, we have regular opportunities for students and undergraduates of the surveying degree courses and surveying diploma courses to gain experience in our workplace environment.

We also occasionally have opportunities for students and undergraduates undertaking courses in three dimensional spatial science disciplines to join our workforce.

Think you have what it takes? Email your application and resume to

Although we thank you for your interest, we will not accept applications from employment agencies.