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Alexander Symonds has launched a new business venture: Pinpoint Service Mapping.

Our mission as qualified surveyors and experienced consultants is to help our clients achieve their project goals through innovative survey solutions.

This new underground service location and mapping business will operate in both South Australia and parts of Victoria and will exist as a separate company to Alexander Symonds.

Pinpoint Service Mapping, innovative and accurate service mapping solutions

Pinpoint Service Mapping logo

We know that knowledge, accuracy and reliability matter.

Pinpoint Service Mapping exists to give our clients a thorough and accurate understanding of the utilities and services beneath their site. Being able to pinpoint utility and service locations at the start of the project mitigates risk, reduces unknowns and delays, and allows for excellent planning from day one.

The Pinpoint Service Mapping team is led by Alexander Symonds Director Franco Rea, with specialists in underground service mapping, GIS & 3D visualisation and surveying. Our people are skilled, qualified and experienced, and we embrace innovation and continuous improvement.

The Pinpoint team will deliver high quality and accurate service mapping for homeowners, private companies and government organisations across Southern Australia. While the company itself is new to the market in 2020, our team has the backing of parent company Alexander Symonds, which has been delivering innovative land survey solutions for more than 85 years.

Visit the Pinpoint Service Mapping website for more information.

Being able to pinpoint the utilities and services beneath your site reduces risk, delays and unknowns and allows for excellent planning for your project.

Visit the website