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Adelaide Riverbank Precinct Redevelopment


The Adelaide Riverbank Project is the new marquee community precinct of Adelaide. The redevelopment of the Adelaide Oval has been the catalyst for the upgrade of the precinct which is currently see...

Artists impression of overhead view of Adelaide Riverbank Precinct

Project Management

Lease Plans

3D Modelling and Visualisation

The Challenge

The Adelaide Riverbank Precinct is made up of multiple project sites, each with many stakeholders. Understanding and maintaining the spatial relationship of the whole precinct and its boundaries is extremely important, especially when there are multiple project sites. Additionally, the need to understand the existing brownfields environment was paramount to successful design for integration into the existing environment.

  • Multiple stakeholders with project consultants located across the country
  • Highly accurate data requirements
  • Complex structures and leasing arrangements

Artists impression of overhead view of Adelaide Riverbank Precinct

Our Solution

Alexander Symonds used 3D Laser Scanning to capture thousands of scans. These scans were used to develop full BIM-ready Revit models of the existing precinct. These were coordinated onto a precinct-wide, highly-accurate surveyed control network to ensure all data models and cadastral boundaries were spatially related to a high order.

Alexander Symonds utilised online software truView, which enabled anyone to view and take basic measurements of the site from their internet browser from the perspective of the scanner. Large computers with significant processing power and backup routines were built especially for the project.

Given the complexity of different leases and rights in the Adelaide Riverbank Precinct, stakeholders found it very difficult to understand their rights on 2D LTO plans. Alexander Symonds used 3D models as a base to assist stakeholders in visualising the lease areas and how they interact across the precinct.

  • Online and digital tools enabled collaboration from anywhere in the country.
  • 3D visualisation to enhance decision making.
  • Exceptional quality assurance standard.

The Results

Alexander Symonds been the link in maintaining the spatial relationship between various project sites in the Riverbank Precinct. Using advanced surveying technology and innovative data visualisation techniques, Alexander Symonds has enabled project stakeholders to proceed with confidence in their design and construction contracts, as well as visualise and have confidence in their complicated lease rights.

  • Data visualisation techniques enhanced the understanding of the precinct
  • Enabling collaboration and confident investment decisions
  • SA Asia Pacific Spatial Excellence Award for Technical Excellence 2019

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