Infrastructure and Engineering

The Alexander Symonds team have years of experience undertaking surveys for the infrastructure and engineering industries. With many surveys carried out every week, you can be sure you’re speaking to a team that understands your needs.

Using cutting-edge specialised software, we support our people to work at optimum efficiency.

Our team’s broad and extensive experience give us a special insight into surveying for infrastructure and engineering. We are often able to provide innovative solutions to arrive at a great product that suits our clients’ individual needs.

At Alexander Symonds, we’re dedicated to providing the best and most reliable service in the industry. Our service is underpinned by a Quality Management System certified to an international standard.

You can access the following surveying services throughout South Australia and Victoria:

  • Topographic, contour and feature surveys
  • Civil construction surveys
  • Building and structural construction surveys
  • As-constructed surveys
  • Monitoring surveys
  • Powerline / pipeline / transport and other infrastructure corridor surveys
  • Volume surveys

Surveys to facilitate the design process

Thanks to our technologically advanced equipment and experienced staff, Alexander Symonds can provide topographic surveys with a short turnaround period to keep your project on schedule.

Our equipment allows us to acquire the topographic data that is most suited to the task, then use it to create a suitable product for our clients.

Whether you need a survey for constructing a house or for a substantial extension plan, Alexander Symonds has the experience you need. We undertake surveys of any size, be it a small site or large-scale project.

Our service involves modelling, documenting and producing a 3D CAD format. This model is often used to provide an accurate base model for design work. We also provide accurate property boundary overlays on our surveys, and if required, can pinpoint locations of the underground service infrastructure, located by an accredited provider.

Fast turn-around for when time is of the essence

The team at Alexander Symonds are experienced in all areas of civil construction surveys, undertaking many civil surveys on a daily basis. Our clients can be sure that we will take their needs into consideration and provide a specialised solution.

We understand that each client will have different requirements from our services. Our team will undertake civil surveys of any size, and can also provide a fast turnaround for those sites where timeframes are critical.

To verify and document what has been built, we carry out surveys for design, infrastructure set-out surveys, and as-constructed surveys.

Our team takes pride in offering the most accurate and efficient outcome for our clients. We achieve this by using a range of technologically advanced equipment, including robotic total station, GPS equipment, and laser scanning instrumentation.

To make sure we’re ready for any project, many of our staff have safety pre-qualification criteria, like First Aid training, White Cards and some industry specific certifications. We can also provide assistance with machine guidance systems, ensuring they’re set up correctly with respect to the design data.

Meet contractual obligations with specialised advice.

Alexander Symonds have several staff who specialise in undertaking as-constructed surveys, bringing years of experience to your project.

As-Constructed (or as-built) surveys are often required to meet contractual obligations and to document the built asset location. Our team can provide these surveys for a range of requirements, including road construction verification, sewer mains, pipelines, processing plants, general infrastructure location and tolerances, and building works using BIM.

Get the most accurate results with high-precision surveys

Alexander Symonds are specialists in monitoring and high-precision surveys. We’ve carried out monitoring surveys for a wide range of purposes, including monitoring buildings adjacent to excavations, road slippages, dam structures, bridges, tanks, processing plants and monitoring of infrastructure where movement may be suspected.

We are known in the industry for owning survey instrumentation at the high-accuracy end of the scale, and we have the know-how required to obtain the most accurate results for your monitoring or deformation project.

Our monitoring uses a variety of techniques specially designed to suit each clients’ individual requirements. These requirements may include monitoring of individual points, or surface deformation using highly accurate 3D laser scanning and sophisticated software.

Access specialist experience in corridors over hundreds of kilometres in length

Alexander Symonds regularly undertakes comprehensive surveys of infrastructure corridors. These surveys are often required along open green-fields land before our clients can design infrastructure. We also perform surveys along existing infrastructure corridors for road upgrade purposes, like the recent upgrade to Adelaide’s Main South Road.

Our expert team has the equipment and experience to undertake long infrastructure corridor surveys, extending up to hundreds of kilometres in length. We also have specialist expertise in surveys of existing high-voltage overhead powerlines.

We provide full topographic information for our clients, including property boundary details and underground service infrastructure. You can rest assured that you will have years of experience and a full accurate range of available information at your fingertips.

Laser scanning techniques provide high accuracy

Alexander Symonds undertakes surveys for determination of volume on a regular basis.

As determining volume requires very different techniques depending on the nature of the surface, we make sure to match the most appropriate and accurate technique to each client’s requirements.

We often use very high speed laser scanning to accurately determine volumes, and aerial survey techniques for volume determination over large areas.

The team at Alexander Symonds can also determine stockpile volumes on a regular basis for monthly and annual accounting purposes.