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Olympic Dam

With our team of highly skilled surveyors and service locators possessing extensive site knowledge and with the support of one of Australia's longest-running surveying consultancies, we bring unparalleled expertise and experience to every project.

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Partner with Alexander Symonds in Olympic Dam and build with confidence. As a proudly South Australian owned and operated company with a legacy of over 90 years, we have earned the trust of the community as a reliable and quality-driven surveying service provider.

Our unwavering commitment to the Olympic Dam community drives us to offer tailored survey solutions that address your unique and complex challenges. Leveraging cutting-edge surveying and geospatial technology, we ensure the timely and cost-effective delivery of your projects.

Construction surveys

We provide innovative, comprehensive survey solutions for engineering design and civil construction projects, including topographic, contour and feature surveys, setout surveys, volume surveys, as-built surveys and precision surveys.

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teel base plates being lifted by machinery in the Olympic Dam

construction land survey

Complex Engineering projects

With a strong background in engineering projects, our team is well-equipped to provide surveying services that support the planning, design and execution of complex mining and processing operations.

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3D LASER SCANNING and Visualisation

We employ state-of-the-art 3D laser scanning technology to capture detailed and accurate data of your mining and processing facilities. This enables precise modeling, visualisation and analysis, aiding in effective decision-making and project management.

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surveyors on site

surveyor annotating a map

Underground service location

We specialise in locating underground services, offering accurate mapping and analysis of utility infrastructure to ensure safety and efficiency in mining and processing operations.

GIS and SPatial Analysis

Our expertise in geographic information systems (GIS) and spatial analysis allows us to provide valuable insights and data-driven solutions for mining and processing projects. This helps optimise resource allocation, planning, and monitoring so you can deliver your projects on time and within budget.

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two surveyors on site assessing equipment


Our specialist team are dedicated to investing in the latest surveying technologies to improve accuracy and cost-efficiency. Using the latest 3D Laser Scanning and UAV Drone technology, we can capture all corners of your project.

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Meet the Olympic Dam team

At our Olympic Dam office, you’ll find a dedicated team of experienced professionals committed to delivering exceptional service.

With their combined industry experience, their expertise is a key factor in ensuring the success of every project we undertake.

Beau from our Whyalla Team


Director & Licensed Surveyor

Beau is a Licensed Surveyor and Project Manager with over 18 years’ experience in the industry. He practices cadastral, engineering and construction surveying.

Beau has particular expertise in 3D laser scanning and high precision engineering surveys. Utilising these skills he has worked to deliver major projects across regional South Australia, including SCM21, SCM17, Olympic Dam Airport Upgrade, GAB Water Supply, BHP Olympic Dam, GFG Whyalla Steelworks and Nyrstar Port Pirie.


Licensed Surveyor

Rowan is a Licensed Surveyor and Project Manager with over ten years’ experience in the industry. He is our Olympic Dam operations manager and practices cadastral, engineering and construction surveying.

Rowan has particular expertise in Construction, 3D laser scanning, and high-precision engineering surveys. These skills have helped Rowan to deliver major projects across regional South Australia, including BHP Olympic Dam, Nyrstar Port Pirie, and Prominent Hill.


Senior Site Surveyor

Max is our lead site surveyor at Olympic Dam and has over six years of experience in cadastral, engineering and construction surveying.

Max’s expertise includes 3D laser scanning and high-precision engineering surveys, as well as construction surveying. Max has been a large part of many major projects across regional South Australia and NSW, including BHP Olympic Dam and Silverton Windfarm.


Lead Site Surveyor

Dale is our Lead Site Surveyor at Olympic Dam, boasting more than five years of experience in cadastral, engineering and construction surveying. His core competencies lie in construction, high-precision engineering, laser scanning and drone operations, making him an invaluable asset to our team.

Throughout his career, Dale has applied his skillset to diverse projects across regional South Australia, including sites like BHP Oak Dam, Nyrstar Port Pirie and Prominent Hill.


Senior 3D Data Analyst

Paul manages our 3D Data Analysis and has over 15 years of experience in 3D data visualisation, mining and engineering surveying.

Paul has been a leader in both 3D laser scanning and the visualisation and analysis of this data. Utilising skills in this field, Paul has taken a large part in many major projects across regional South Australia, including BHP Olympic Dam, Cooper Basin Oil and Gas Facilities for Santos and Beach Energy as well as the Prominent Hill Copper and Challenger Gold Mines.


Company Projects Administrator

Imogen oversees the administration of the Olympic Dam office, including staff logistics, records management, liaising with clients and management of accounts.

Imogen moved to South Australia from Northern Ireland in 2010 and has never looked back.


We take pride in our ability to provide bespoke strategies and cutting-edge technology to meet the unique requirements for complex mining and processing operations.

We are dedicated to completing your project on time and within budget, ensuring that your goals are achieved.

Our local expertise allows us to navigate the unique challenges and intricacies of the mining and processing industry specific to your project.

We follow a streamlined process that ensures a seamless execution of your project. From initial planning to final completion, our efficient approach minimises delays and maximises productivity.

  • Dedicated team with deep local knowledge and expertise
  • Efficient and seamless process from project initiation to completion
  • Trusted advisors delivering expert guidance and dependable results
  • Supported by a renowned and long-standing surveying consultancy in Australia


Contact Alexander Symonds for specialised advice and innovative surveying solutions tailored to your upcoming project.

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