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Identification Surveys for Fairmont Homes


Alexander Symonds’ expertise in boundary and pre-construction land surveys streamlined the survey process for Fairmont Homes to help minimise risk by identifying potential issues before construction.

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Boundary Identification Surveys

Construction Surveys

The Challenge

Trusted and established home builder Fairmont Homes require identification surveys for each of their new builds prior to commencing construction. To keep the projects on schedule, these surveys need to be completed quickly and efficiently to avoid costly delays.

  • Quick turnaround of surveys with streamlined internal processes.
  • Survey data is critical to a successful build.
  • Contract agreement provides Fairmont Homes with no hidden fees.

Our Solution

Alexander Symonds’ wealth of knowledge on land surveys and pre-construction requirements streamlines the survey process. Our detailed surveying process highlights any possible encroachments and enables Fairmont Homes to be aware of any potential issues or risk before construction begins.

  • Clear understanding of expectations between Alexander Symonds and Fairmont Homes.
  • Dedicated team of experienced surveyors for Fairmont Homes construction projects.
  • Potential encroachments or issues identified before construction helps to minimise risk.

The Results

With our expert advice and boundary surveys undertaken by our licensed surveyors, Fairmont Homes can begin construction with confidence. Any possible issues or encroachment risks will be identified as part of our surveys, and our reliable team of licensed surveyors are available on site whenever the Fairmont Homes team need our services.

  • Streamlined, open communication processes means results are delivered without delay.
  • Boundary Identification Surveys are delivered within 7 days of every request.
  • Fairmont Homes can rely on Alexander Symonds’ team to be available every time they need.

“One of our major priorities of our business is service. When we embark on a new development, Alexander Symonds is our provider of choice, as that's what they deliver – service”

Brenton Allen, Operations Manager – Fairmont Group

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