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Adelaidean Apartments


Alexander Symonds provided construction surveying services for the Adelaidean, a 135m tall, 36 floor high-rise building in Adelaide, incorporating an adjoining multi-story car park.

Commercial Development

Project Management

3D Laser Scanning

The Challenge

From planning through to construction and residential & commercial titling, significant amounts of accurate data are needed to ensure the successful completion of a high-rise apartment build. A key challenge of this project was to ensure the internal slab and other structure features married into the existing surrounds and road surfaces of Frome Street and Travistock Lane. In addition, the project team needed to remain flexible and agile, with changing project designs and requirements.

  • Account for settling and compression of the building and its foundation to ensure alignment with existing road surfaces.
  • Agile project management to support the complex and dynamic nature of high-rise builds
  • 3D set-out of required steelwork, with all steel structures prefabricated off-site using our measurements.

aerial view of adelaide city


Our Solution

community title developments

Alexander Symonds utilised innovative software 12d to calculate the measurements of design features of The Adelaidean and how they interfaced with the existing area, such as roads or other structures. This software solution also enabled our team to directly import steelwork measurements in 3D, overlaying these designs over the site coordinates for an accurate picture of the building features. This was critical in ensuring the steelwork was manufactured to exact requirements, reducing the risk of errors and potential project delays.

Changing design drawings were easily updated using this software, with a 15 minute turnaround time between our office-based team receiving updated drawings and sending the revised set-out design to the on-site surveyor.

  • Efficiency in using 12d software enabled short turnaround time and accurate set-out designs for use on-site.
  • Perfect fitment of steelwork to already completed building features directly on-site.
  •  Our survey crew received and used updated designs in real-time.

The Results

Our high level of communication, expert knowledge, and use of the latest technology ensured accuracy and efficiency for a complex apartment building project. Frequent design changes were updated by our experienced surveyors in real time using the latest in surveying technology, with no delays or incorrect set-outs.

  • Effective communication and innovative processes meant updated set-outs were delivered without delay.
  • Expertise in the latest technology ensured design changes were updated in real-time.
  • Modelling of the site structures was cost-effective, efficient and ensured a hassle-free construction phase.

Adelaidean skyscraper at 19 Frome street Adelaide

“We are very happy with Alexander Symonds. You were brilliant to work with. You are professional, effective and great at what you do. The late nights and early starts to ensure all survey requirements were met without causing any delay.”

John Besir

Project ManagerKyren


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