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Adelaide Oval Southern Roof Construction

Engineering & Architecture

Alexander Symonds was engaged by Manuele Engineers to survey the Riverbank Stand truss structure and convert it into a 3D CAD model as part of he Adelaide Oval redevelopment.

adelaide oval under construction

Specialised Survey Applications - High Precision

3D CAD Modelling & Dimensional Control

The Challenge

Alexander Symonds was engaged by Manuele Engineers, who had been appointed to fabricate the single largest structure within the Adelaide Oval redevelopment, the Riverbank Stand. This truss structure needed to meet tight fabrication tolerances with no supports, while providing audiences with an unobstructed 147m view of the oval.

  • Highly complex 3-dimensional truss structure
  • No part of the truss is straight or square
  • Tight deadlines for a large, complex project

adelaide oval under construction from above

Our Solution

alexander symonds land surveyor at adelaide oval

The structure was fully designed in a 3D CAD environment, requiring Alexander Symonds’ dimensional control skills. We used highly accurate survey techniques and specialised 3D software to survey the trusses in their fabricated positions, transform the truss into the 3D CAD model and allow the fabricator to check their assembly tolerances and make any adjustments needed.

  • 3D CAD modelling and dimensional control
  • Virtual adjustments and modifications
  • Highly accurate, detailed survey methods

The Results

By applying virtual adjustments, the correct modifications were made to the 3D CAD model. This model was then broken down into single structural components for the metal fabricators to produce. We were able to assist Manuele Engineers to deliver all trusses to the site within tolerance and enabled them to be fitted together in place without further modification.

  • Results were within 1 mm of accuracy
  • The fabricator could trial-fit the structure using state of the art software
  • The structure was assembled on-site with no further modifications required

adelaide oval under construction aerial shot

With Alexander Symonds’ technical expertise, the end result was that each and every element of the steel structure fit into place on site without modification. This was absolutely necessary as the on-site cost of erection plant and equipment was tens of thousands of dollars per hour.

Manuele, Managing Director, Manuele Engineers

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