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Meet the team

Anna-Margarita Paussa

Cadastral and Infrastructure Surveyor

Anna’s primary role at Alexander Symonds is drafting. She drafts whatever comes her way, predominantly detail surveys, as-constructed surveys and site surveys. From time to time Anna also drafts identification plans and lease plans. Anna is very personable and enjoys working closely with clients to achieve the result that they desire. Anna commenced working at Alexander Symonds back in 2007, at this stage she was in her third year of studies at the University of South Australia. Coming to the end of her course Anna felt it was important to get some hands-on experience within the profession she was about step into and was given the opportunity by Alexander Symonds to work as a field assistant. Anna has also had the chance to experience party leading in the field, assist with searching and assisting with the processing and reduction of field works completed.

The values that drive Anna are respect, determination, passion, excellence and innovation. Anna believes that all these values are just as important as each other.

However, the key value out of those listed above is respect; respect for your clients, respect for your workers and respect for oneself. There a many things Anna loves about Alexander Symonds, including the feeling of family within the workplace. Anna says that Alexander Symonds respects the importance of family, they are there with you to celebrate the good times and there to support you through the rough times. When not working, Anna enjoys spending time with family and friends. Whether that be going for short road trips or heading out for a cousin’s date night to the cinema on a Friday evening. Anna also loves being creative and using her hands so from time to time you may find her baking and decorating a cake, cooking up a meal, gardening or planning the next big family event. On the occasion that she just wants to be by herself, her favourite outing is walking along the beach with her dog.

Known as the cheeky one in the family, Anna always loved playing pranks on her Granddad and Dad, because it made them laugh. Anna loves cake decorating, painting, sewing and piano. Her first car was a Fiat Punto (terrible car, Franco was right – fix it again Tony). Anna’s favourite sports team is the Adelaide Crows. She is also a skilled weight lifter!

Anna’s Expertise:

  • Site Surveys
  • Subdivision As-Constructed
  • General Details


  • Drafting
  • Engineering & Construction

Qualifications & awards:

  • B Geoinformatics & Surveying with Honours