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Meet the team

Andrei Poutilov

Senior Infrastructure Surveyor

Andrei started with Alexander Symonds in 2018 as a senior infrastructure surveyor, focusing on high-rise construction in particular. A major project thus far has been overseeing all surveying requirements of the Adelaidean, which will be the tallest building in Adelaide when complete. Andrei was originally planning to be a civil engineer, but his love for geometry, being active and the outdoors won out and he became a surveyor. After finishing University in NSW, Andrei dove head-first into the construction sector and got a job at the Lane Cove Tunnel in Sydney. There he gained an in-depth practical knowledge of road and tunnel construction. After working on many fantastic projects across the country, with some great companies, Andrei was sent to Adelaide to work on the segmental tunnelling job at the Adelaide Desalination plant, where he also gained construction experience of Caverns, 3D-pipe surveys and over-land construction using 12d-field.

After meeting his now wife, Andrei decided to settle in SA for good and since then has worked in Adelaide’s construction sector.

Andrei’s vast experience with high-accuracy survey networks, tunnelling, roads and high-rise construction adds another dimension to the capabilities of Alexander Symonds. Andrei enjoys working on “tricky” and challenging projects that at times require thinking outside the box. Alexander Symonds has a vast range of clientele and the types of services that it provides will be the “perfect” training ground for Andrei and promises to keep a steady flow of interesting projects his way.

The great culture at Alexander Symonds and the vast number of experienced professionals always keen to have a chat and provide guidance is something Andrei finds a huge benefit. When not at work, Andrei is a keen camper, four-wheel-driver, father and a soccer player. He has his IT quirks and is also a keen photographer.

Andrei can eat a whole 1kg jar of Nutella in one sitting!

Andrei’s Expertise:

  • Construction
  • Tunnelling
  • High-accuracy surveys
  • VMT Guidance Systems
  • AutoCAD
  • CIVIL 3D
  • 12d field
  • Leica


  • Engineering & Construction

Qualifications & awards:

  • NSW HSC UAI = 91.1
  • Surveying and Spatial Information Systems UNSW