Land Development and Property Services

Land Development and Property Services

Alexander Symonds has always been a leader in the field of surveying services for land development.  We offer more than just technical surveying skills; we offer a great team with professional advice built on many years of experience, and have all the necessary resources to get your project completed on time.

Since our company began, Alexander Symonds has provided surveying and planning services to all sectors of the land development industry. It’s at the core of our business. Small or large, you can be sure that your project will be met with experience and professionalism from our team of highly qualified experts.

We operate throughout metropolitan and regional South Australia. You can be sure you will be receiving the highest quality service in all areas of land development, as our service is underpinned by a Quality Management System certified to an international standard.  

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Precision and expertise for your property development needs

Whether your land development project is residential, commercial or industrial, Alexander Symonds will be able to provide specialised advice. We are actively involved in all these areas on a constant basis.

Are you seeking advice for a land division of residential land? A multi-story mixed use Community Title Development? From small jobs, such as marking out boundaries for fencing or a house addition, to large scale sub-division developments, our team of surveying consultants will assist you with planning and development with precision and expertise.

We also provide expert advice on all matters relating to boundaries, including the land division planning process or an encroachment of a structure over a boundary.

The core of our business

If you’re looking for advice about land division, you’ve come to the right place. Land division is our number one specialty – it’s the core of our business.

Alexander Symonds not only provides expert advice on the land division planning process, but will also manage it from start to finish for you. As part of that process, our experienced team prepare land division planning applications, survey plans, and sales plans. That team will meet you on the ground to carefully measure and mark out the property boundaries.

If there are government agencies involved in the assessment of your project, we’ll liaise with them on your behalf to make sure you get the most beneficial result.  

Over the decades, we have been involved with many large land divisions, and have built a reputation for being one of the leading providers of knowledge and skills in our industry in South Australia.

However, we also undertake many smaller land divisions, creating two allotments from one. You can be assured that no matter what size of land division project you have, the experts at Alexander Symonds are going to be able to provide you with the best advice.

Dealing with relevant government authorities quickly and efficiently

Major subdivision can be a difficult process, but the team at Alexander Symonds are dedicated to providing a fast and efficient service to our major subdivision clients. We are proud of our reputation as the leading surveying consultancy in South Australia for providing these large subdivision surveying services.

As long standing members of South Australia’s surveying industry, we have built good relationships with and are well respected by both the local and state government authorities. This relationship allows us to provide detailed advice on the land division process which often involves dealing with these authorities.

We have been involved with many of Adelaide’s large land developments, starting with Elizabeth in the 1950’s and 1960’s, followed by West Lakes in the 1970’s. Several South Australian townships, such as Marla, Whyalla and Leigh Creek South, were also developed with the benefit of the Alexander Symonds expert surveying teams. We are also highly experienced with large in-fill and green-field developments.

As part of our major subdivision process, we provide sale plans, proposal plans, and certified survey plans for the land registration and title production process. There will be a licensed surveyor involved throughout the process. To reduce the costly time delays that are often present in the land division process, we work closely with both our client and the relevant statutory authorities.

Achieve unique outcomes through our in-depth expertise.

For expert advice and surveying services for community titles and apartments, speak to the industry-leading surveyors at Alexander Symonds.

Some of our people were involved in developing the State’s community title legislation before its inception, allowing us to develop a very good understanding of its capabilities. We actively seek ways to put this in-depth knowledge to good use and achieve unique outcomes for our clients.

Our expertise covers the full spectrum of community titles and apartments. While we often perform small community title developments of only two or three lots, usually for residential purposes, our surveying team also provide advice for much larger scale commercial projects. The community title developments of Adelaide’s residential apartment complexes like Holdfast Shores and Air Apartments, as well as complex mixed use developments like the City Central development, are all projects that have benefitted from our team’s expert advice.

At Alexander Symonds, we pride ourselves on providing an efficient and comprehensive service – minimising costly time delays with the Titling process.

Understand your land to use it to its full potential

Alexander Symonds have a team of people who are very experienced in land tenure and boundary related matters. Every day, we have surveyors providing advice on land tenure for our clients.

Collectively, we have a huge resource of knowledge of the State’s cadastral system, including people who help the government to understand people like yourselves and shape the way forward.

We can help you to understand the constraints that apply to your land and what type land tenure will be best suited to the development moving forward. We understand land – we’ll help you utilise it to its full potential in terms of land tenure.

Land developments rely on a number of organisations approving important factors in land boundary matters. These organisations include councils, the Development Assessment Commission, Lands Titles Office, conveyancers, and numerous state authorities. Our team will work closely with these organisations to make sure you have the best opportunity for approval for your project.