Boundary and Land Tenure

Boundary and Land Tenure

Alexander Symonds considers its core expertise in the surveying industry to be dealing with property boundaries.  Our team is comprised of many licensed surveyors who provide us with a wealth of technical experience and a significant legal knowledge base to help our clients deal with complex boundaries and land tenure.

As a team dedicated to providing the highest quality of service, we are continually investing in our people by providing ongoing training, especially in land matters. Our service is underpinned by a Quality Management System certified to an international standard. We operate throughout South Australia.

  • Expert advice on land boundaries and land tenure
  • Boundary Identification surveys (re-marking boundaries)
  • Due Diligence surveys
  • Roads opening and closings
  • Easement surveys
  • Lease plans
  • PCA lettable area surveys
  • Land Division / Community Title Divisions
  • Land amalgamations
  • Pharmacy measurements

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Expert advice on land boundaries and land tenure

Alexander Symonds have a team of people who are very experienced in land tenure and boundary related matters. Every day, we have surveyors providing advice on land tenure for our clients.

Collectively, we have a huge resource of knowledge of the State’s cadastral system, including people who help the government to understand people like yourselves and shape the way forward.

We can help you to understand the constraints that apply to your land and what type land tenure will be best suited to the development moving forward. We understand land – we’ll help you utilise it to its full potential in terms of land tenure.

Land developments rely on a number of organisations approving important factors in land boundary matters. These organisation include councils, the Development Assessment Commission, Lands Titles Office, conveyancers, and numerous state authorities. Our team will work closely with these organisations to make sure you have the best opportunity for approval for your project.

Locate existing boundaries with expert advice

If you need to construct a building wall or fence, you might want to mark your boundaries on the ground before beginning. Or you might need to determine if your project has any encroachments into neighbouring land. The experts at Alexander Symonds are able to identify the location of existing boundaries for you.

A typical identification survey involves our team obtaining existing Lands Titles Office records, undertaking a site survey to determine and mark the property boundary, and preparing a plan to show the results of our survey.

In some cases, we identify conflicting information. In these scenarios, we may recommend that a comprehensive survey plan is lodged with the Lands Titles Office to help protect your interests.

Comprehensive research to put you at ease.

Alexander Symonds performs surveys for due diligence purposes. These surveys are often required by a financial institutions for certain purposes or when land is being bought or sold.

As a part of this process, we undertake a comprehensive search of Lands Titles records, followed by a site survey. This site survey identifies the location of features and infrastructure in relation to property boundaries that may be in conflict with your interests.

Due Diligence surveys also include identifying the location of rights, easements and encumbrances on the land. This helps a prospective property purchaser to understand any restrictions or obligations that may come with the land.

We also measure the area of lease tenancies in accordance with the Property Council of Australia guidelines.

Expert advice across the entire road process

Alexander Symonds regularly perform surveys for the creation or opening of public roads, as well as for the closing of roads. This process is normally undertaken using the Roads (Opening and Closing) Act.

Our team will provide expert advice on all aspects of the road process and can manage that process for our clients.

As part of that management, we prepare the preliminary plan, deal with organisations such as service authorities who have infrastructure in the road, plus carry out any work on the ground that’s necessary to meet the requirements of both our client and the Roads Act.

We’ll also deal with the required government agencies and relevant authorities to complete the process.

Easement plans for projects of any size

The team at Alexander Symonds has experience in preparing easement plans over land suitable for registration with the Lands Titles Office.

We are able to prepare plans for any type of easement, such as easements for:

  • access roads to other land or infrastructure
  • water supply
  • gas supply
  • electricity supply
  • light and air
  • encroachments such as eaves and gutters
  • party wall rights

No matter the size of your project area, the Alexander Symonds team will bring our experience and expertise to your easement plan. We work with small areas, like electricity transformer sites, through to large areas, like interstate power and gas lines.

Lettable area surveys for any purpose

Lettable area plans for tenancies require careful consideration of the Property Council of Australia guidelines. Alexander Symonds has experts that will prepare lettable area plans for tenancies, measuring lettable areas for residential, retail, commercial, and industrial tenancies in accordance with all guidelines.

These guidelines include Net Lettable Area (NLA) and Gross Lettable Area – Retail (GLAR), or Gross Lettable Area (GLA).

Expert advice on lease plans for retail, residential or commercial use

Alexander Symonds prepare lease plans for various purposes, no matter what the scale of the project. Each lease plan is to a high standard, suitable for lodgment at the Lands Titles Office.

Our team prepare lease plans for a wide variety of retail, residential and commercial purposes, including but not limited to:

  • Wind farms
  • Telecommunication towers
  • Shopping complexes

Minimise time to save on costly delays

The Alexander Symonds team are involved in land divisions and Community Title developments on a daily basis – they know the ins and outs of every aspect of the Lands Titles process.

We can guide you through the process of obtaining Lands Titles for your developments. Our team is dedicated to minimising the time it takes to complete this process in order to save our clients the significant costs of delays.

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